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Xenotech Rising Audiobook 5-Stars!

I am VERY pleased to get a delightful 5-star review for the audiobook version of Xenotech Rising, available on Audible.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Have it on Kindle, and had to get the Audible too.

This is the hilarious tale of Jack Buckston who is tech support for the many types of new alien technologies Earth has adopted after being invited to join GAFTA (Galactic Free Trade Assn.) It is a great story for any age group, and refreshingly, his love interest is a brilliant and competent woman working 4 jobs to support herself and pay for her degrees. In exchange for technical and translation support, Jack got a deal on a flat in the "Ad Astra" Alien Diplomatic complex. His adventures with his clients, fellow residents and sentient cellphone are great fun. Xenotech has solved the energy crisis and many of our problems, but there are those elements who eschew the new Tech, and think that Earthmen should dominate the galaxy....

Those who are steeped in Geek Culture get a bonus as there are tons of references. The book is set in near future Atlanta, GA, and I expect natives of that area will recognize the local restaurants and institutions. The narrator is great, and you can almost hear him smiling in some passages.

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