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The Congruent Apprentice is here!

The Congruent Apprentice, the new fantasy novel by Dave Schroeder, author of the Xenotech Support series, is now available on Kindle from Amazon. It's the first book in the Congruent Mage series and uses wormholes, the congruencies from the world of the Galactic Free Trade Association, to do wizardry, like fireballs and lightning bolts.

It's a different sort of story from Jack and Poly's adventures. The main viewpoint character is a 16-year-old farm boy setting off on his "wander year" to see the world, but it shares some of the exuberance and creativity--with magic, not tech--of Xenotech. The trade paperback edition should be out by the end of July, 2017.

Click HERE to check out the Kindle version! Only $2.99.

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