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Current books in the series

Xenotech General Mayhem, the fourth novel in my series, should be out by the end of 2016. Several readers have asked about the recommended reading order for my novels and novelette. Here's my advice on that topic:

  • Xenotech Rising

  • Xenotech Queen's Gambit

  • Xenotech First Contact Day (novelette)

  • Xenotech What Happens

  • Xenotech General Mayhem

You can also read Xenotech First Contact Day first, but if you do, it's worth going back and re-reading it between Xenotech Queen's Gambit and Xenotech What Happens, because you'll appreciate a few more of the humor bits, such as they are, with more context about the world of the Galactic Free Trade Association and you'll want to have that story fresh in your mind when you get to Xenotech What Happens.

Whichever order you choose, I hope you enjoy the ride!

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