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Fifteen years after Earth joins the Galactic Free Trade Association the planet is flooded with alien technology. Somebody has to support all the new galactic tech and Jack Buckston, President, CEO and sole employee of Xenotech Support Corporation, does his best to keep his clients happy, find true love and prevent interstellar war. Galactic technology has cured cancer, solved the energy crisis, and eliminated global warming--but what do the aliens want from us? They can't get enough Congressional subcommittee broadcasts--they consider them reality comedies!

Xenotech Rising is a light-hearted romp and the first book in the Xenotech Support / Galactic Free Trade Association series. 

Xenotech Rising: Prologue

   First contact was not made when a spaceship landed on the White House lawn, but when a three-alien delegation teleported into the office of the most powerful man in the world. The visitors had timed it well, arriving at the beginning of a half-hour block the great man had reserved for a restorative mid-day power nap.

   “What can JPMorgan Chase do to help you gentlebeings?” said the chairman.

   “We come in peace,” said the tallest of the visitors, a lean, tiger-striped seven foot humanoid.

   “Live long and prosper,” said the shortest alien, a three-foot pyramid with an eye at the apex of each side.

   “Klaatu barado…” began the third alien, a round, red-skinned being with a beard made of long, white manipulative tentacles who looked like a caricature of Santa Claus.

   “Cut the crap,” said the chairman.

   “Right,” said the tallest alien. “We’re from the Galactic Free Trade Association and we want to cut you in.


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